about our services

Tailored Solutions to our clients needs

We tailor our solutions to perfectly fit our clients needs. After analysing our customers needs we can tailor a support and maintenance program to ensure the most efficient running of our clients systems. Such programs ensure the highest level of system availability and will often pre-empt issues that may cause down time.

All incidents are recorded in a database allowing the early identification of recurring patterns. Having access to a complete site history assists in diagnosis and rectification of failures. More than 85% of issues are dealt with in the background before they become apparent at an operational level.

Your on-site IT department and trouble-shooters.

We stand by our word and commit to a "no solution, no fee" guarantee. If we can't provide you with a solution you won't pay a cent! Period.


Services Overview

Structured Maintenance Packages

A maintenance agreement can save not only money but time. With all systems kept running optimally efficiency is assured.

Disaster mitigation and recovery

Systems to backup and restore critical data in the most timely manner possible. Identification of vital data to be stored in Cloud based infrastructure.

Provision of data links in tough locations

Setup of data and internet links where normal carriers consider the location too remote or difficult. Site surveys conducted to assess possibilities and then a tailor made solution designed.

Bringing comms to the bush

Provision of mobile services in remote locations backed up by Satellite telephony. Property wide cordless telephone coverage connected to fixed line or mobile services.